About me !

Well at the beginning I was not sure of what I am going to write or post over here!
But since I already started writing so I guess I cant run away and leave this page empty ! So here I am briefing you about myself “and that is only if you are interested to know me :D”
Lama R. Yousef is an amateur in Fashion Design, Graphic Design & Photography. An Illustrator User, Artistic, Multi-Talented & Poetry Writer.
I love to live my life and keep on smiling. My favorite quote is “Live, Love & Laugh”. Nothing worth being sad or upset for; because eventually it will go away and disappear. My friends always call me "Malekat el Badliyat" means Queen of Messy words hehe (",)

So briefly, Live your Life and Be Happy Always !
Hope you enjoy your time while reading this Blog ;-)