Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Justin Timberlake Top Movies and Skills

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Justin Timberlake: who doesn’t know him? Formerly a member of the best-selling boy band NSYNC, he rose to fame as one of the two leading vocalists of the group. When they disbanded, he consequently went solo and released his studio albums, further cementing his career in the music industry. He prominently came to be recognized as one of the most commercially successful singers of the decade. As a matter of fact, the popularity of his music is spread around the world, and his songs are recognized and used in shows and presentations. At present, he is one of the highest paid musicians, with a net worth of $63 million dollars. He also branched out into acting and starred in a number of films. If you missed one of his movies, you might want to watch some of the following movies of Justin Timberlake.

1. The Social Network: Justin’s role in this 2010 drama film was as Sean Parker. It was a movie adaptation of the book, The Accidental Billionaires: Founding of Facebook,  A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich. No one of Facebook owners and staff were involved in the project. The movie received widespread acclaim with critics praising the direction, acting, screenplay, score and editing. The film received eight nominations during the 83rd Academy Awards which included Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for the lead. At the 68th Golden Globe Awards, it brought home awards for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Director. Timberlake actually credits his role as Sean Parker in the movie in furthering his acting career.

2. Inside Llewyn Davis: This is a comedy-drama film directed and edited by Joel and Ethan Coen. It follows one week in the life of a young singer as he goes around the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961. Justin Timberlake’s role in this movie was as Jim Berkey, a cheery, sweater-wearing 1960s folk musician. The movie was inspired by the musical culture in the New York area where songs seemed to come from all parts of the country except New York itself. The irony in it was performers included artists from Brooklyn. Worldwide premiere was at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. It achieved universal acclaim as being a smart, funny, and profoundly melancholy movie. Justin also collaborated with the producer on the movie’s period songs and contributed to shape the most unforgettable and comic tune, Please Mr. Kennedy.

3. Runner Runner: This is a 2013 American thriller starring Justin Timberlake in the lead as Richie Furst. It is a narrative of which some parts are based on the life of professional poker player, Nat Arem. Arem was also a former accountant at DeloitteTouche where he studied online poker with the use of statistical approaches to analyze thousands of games. The fans of the movie in the Middle East and Lebanon can try to understand the game of poker and learn some of Justin Timberlake’s skills on sites like Casino du Liban Online.

4. Black Snake Moan: Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake, this American drama film has a plot that focuses on a Mississippi bluesman who keeps a troubled local woman captive in his home in his attempt to cure her of her nymphomania after finding her on the side of a road, severely beaten. Justin played the role of Ronnie Morgan, Rae’s boyfriend who was deployed with the 196th Field Artillery Brigade, Tennessee National Guard. The movie received mixed reviews.

5. Friends with Benefits: Timberlake plays the role of Dylan Francis Harper, Jr., an executive recruiter for a leading job agency in New York City in this 2011 American romantic comedy film. It received generally positive reviews from film critics and had international success, grossing over $149.5 million worldwide. Timberlake was nominated Choice Summer Movie Star: Male during the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. The movie was also nominated Favorite Comedy Movie and Favorite Comedic Movie Actress during the 2012 People’s Choice Awards.