Friday, October 24, 2014

The origins of the word "Woman" & how it's related to the Duck Face!

I know I have been away for a while now and most of you have forgotten about my posts "shame on you guys :p" But, however, I promise I will be back with more posts and become more active.

It's weird how all the silly and funniest things ever happen whenever you are chatting with your friends. Whenever I am sleepy and dying to sleep I always start talking nonsense and start over analyzing things like "words," sometimes. So few days ago I have decided to analyse the word "woman" and to know where it basically came from. So here how my story goes:

In case if you were wondering what this post is all about, I guess have finally found out how "woman" started the duck face and how they are related to the word "man" as well.

In the past few months or maybe years girls have started this new Duck Face thing and it became a phenomena so everybody started doing it including boys! Now I am not sure how this phenomena has started but I guess it was unintentionally. But after a second thought, I think I know now how it started, it's because of women! Really! Now when you say "woooooooo" your face is automatically changed into a duck face, so women are the reason behind the duck face phenomena. KILL THEM , KILL THEM ALL .... LOL!!! Just kidding relax ladies :p.

On another hand, and going back to our main question, where did the "woman" word originally came from? Well, it's simple and easy. The "WO" part is a fear factor, more like a scary and spooky factor. Like when you ride the roller coaster you scream WOO, and a woman in her nature is scary and actually like a roller coaster with all her mood changes :p. So they had to link the "WO" part with the word "man," since men are scared of women and think they are scary, incomprehensible but yet can't live without them.

So basically, the word "woman" represents fear, scary and spooky factors, and is related somehow to the duck face as well as men.

Of course this is what you get when you are super sleepy and thinking nonsense, but come one you have to admit it makes sense in away or another, lol :p

Have a great weekend ahead my friends! And keep smiling.

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