Thursday, July 10, 2014

Talabat Ads for this year, which one do you like more?

I have seen so many Ads this year, but I have liked few. Since the ads are still being produced / published, I will write a full review later on pertaining Ramadan ads and which is the best one in my point of view. 

But first let's check talabat new ads for this Ramada. They have two ads already; one by Haya Abdulsalam & Fouad Ali - created and produced by Senyar IM Company, and the other one by Yalda, Hasan Al-Mousawi and their little princess Lilly - not sure created and produced by whom. 

Honestly, I like the first one which was created by Senyar more. It's amusing, funny, tells a story and there is something attractive behind it. While Yalda's ad was very basic, normal, and depends mostly on listing the information, although I think the graphics/film editing techniques were a bit normal, but I like the idea of the family gathering and discussing/ordering together. It was cute.

Which one do you like the most? Haya & Fouad or Yalda & Hasan's ad?

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