Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Your chance to win with Sofia the First and #Disney Junior

You can't blame me for being a fan of Disney; because I know we all have that childhood factor hidden inside, every one of us does, somewhere! To be honest with you I have been trying to join OSN for two reasons, well let's say three reasons. First is to get the movies channel, Second, is the TV Series channel, and Third is Disney "Yes Disney!" To all of those who follow me on Instagram, you already know that I spend a lot of time with the nieces. And we love watching movies together, although they do irritate me most of the time with their irrelevant questions :p

Moreover, today I came across a new channel, maybe new to me, that is available within OSN packages, it’s called "Disney Junior," and they have an animated television series called "Sofia the First." This animated TV series was created for kids age 2-7 and their parents.  It's very educational and in each 22 minute episode follows Sofia as she goes on an adventure and either learns a lesson herself or helps others around her learn a lesson.

Meet Sofia the First and her friends.

I have gone through so many articles to know more about Disney Junior Channel, since I am planning to get a subscription for my nieces "yea for them, and definitely not for me :P" and read some really good reviews. The channel is more concentrated on storytelling with deep emotional resonance. Loveable, kind-hearted lead characters, with developmental values that grow from the story and characters.

Until June 19th Disney Junior are also giving you the chance to win one of three prize packs, consisting of an iPad Air and a Sofia the First Goodie bag, for your chance to win click on the link now! http://www.disneyme.com/competitions/sofia/index.jsp

Viewers can watch episodes of Sofia the First everyday on Disney Junior on OSN. Visit www.OSN.com website to learn more about how you can get Disney Junior.

To learn more about Sofia the First and her friends, check out the below videos!

Opening Titles

Finding Clover

True Sisters

Blue Ribbon Bunny

Jasmines Flying Carpet

Not Ready To Be A Princess

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