Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Epic Fail Photos - Part 3 #EpicFail

It's been almost a year or so since the last Epic Fail post I have shared with you guys! Today it's time again for some smiles and giggles :p

Really! I just need to know or understand ... "WHO THE HELL GAVE YOU THAT IDEA!"

Oh nooo, I have to keep looking for a parking! Maaan -_-

Very creative! If you know anything about Karate you will understand that there is definitely nothing wrong with this pic :p

That's the typical "In Your Face!" Sentence :D

Oh no, I can't look! X-(

That's for not feeding me! @#$!#%@!#$&
"btw I already like the lady in the background :p"

Just .... Yeah !!

Apparently Sonic is a terrorist who is undercover and using famous names like Harry Poter! Hmm !

Lady !!!!!!!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ go back to the butcher shop, he called the cops -_-

Ya so, I don't drink BEBSI :p I mean Pepsi :D 

That is something I would like to try!

And BOOOM .....

This is def not the time to take a group photo -_-

Mom, I want to go to the pool and get hurt .... PLZ PLZ PLZ 

For the wolves you know !!

Mirror Mirror on the side, who is the prettiest between them all XP

I know my friends would do the same thing ... Fall laughing lol

Priceless photo!

I think if I had a dog I would do the same, because I am so freakin lazy lately :p

OMG, the best view ever! I want that flat :p

Who ever made this is an awesome weirdo :P

Batman & Iron Man united ... LOL

Yaaay a roller coaster :D

Say Cheeeeeeeeeez :D

But ............ HOW -_-

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