Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going Nuts with Nut-ella! #NutellaStories

I am sure you all remember the Nutella gift box I have received the other day, it was full of amazing stuff: "limited edition HUGE Nutella Jar, a flash drive with Nutella logo "which I totally love," and an apron." To be honest with you, I was super excited when I have received this gift box to the extent that I didn't want to open it at work; so I won't have to share it with anyone lol. However, the minute I reached home I have opened the Jar and this is what happened! I simply fell in Love!

Nutella is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! And as a thank you to its many fans around the world "including me :p," Nutella is looking to kick of its celebration by making people across the globe be a part of the festivities, with "Nutella - 50 Years Full of Stories campaign." I am sure you are all familiar with this video that has been shared everywhere. 

What's interesting about this campaign is that Nutella's fans are being able to tell their own story, by getting the chance to become a part of this international anniversary celebration. My story goes like this ..... I LOVE NUTELLA, END OF STORY :D I have done this small Nutella art to express my love/appreciation to Nutella :D

I will be sharing my Nutella art with the other fans around the world by submitting it to Nutella's website www.nutellastories.com. Nutella fans can submit their stories in the form of text postings, photos or even videos (in either English or Arabic.) The most intriguing, interesting and unique Nutella fan stories will be selected on a weekly basis. 

As an extra special treat for its fans in Kuwait, Nutella will have a special stand in 360 Mall, where it will offer mall shoppers a selection of mouth watering Nutellafoods. This will take place on May 8th to 10th from 12 pm to 6 pm infront of Geant.

Moreover, here are some of Ramadan and crazy recipes for Nutella freaks, "oops" I mean fans :p Hit the Full Screen icon for a better view ;) 

Share your experience and Enjoy! 

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