Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 3H Effect "Happy, High & Hyper"

Yesterday I was feeling down somehow, but I kept on thinking of one person whom I haven't seen for a quiet long time! He is "the Baladiya man," "lol don't ask me why or how, I  just think about people too much!" assigned at the street near to our building at work. So I was kind of talking to myself saying: "if I see him I am going to give him a big amount of money tomorrow," and I fell asleep very quickly huh! 

When I woke up this morning, I was still feeling a bit down and I forgot about everything else I have thought of, until I have parked my car and was heading to work. The surprise was that I found the "Baladiya man" sitting on the side as if he was waiting for me! I immediately smiled and gave him the amount I had in my mind last night. He was so happy, but I was even happier.

My mood is much better, I felt so happy and hyper. It's really amazing how you can draw a smile on someone's face with something you think is tiny, but is huge and meaningful to them.

People spend a lot of money to make their lives feel meaningful, significant and important, but when you give money away you are making that same kind of process! Giving away money to a cause you believe in is a more effective purchase than buying something to support your case! 

I believe that charity can be also accomplished through a smile, and not necessarily with something material. So be kind, and add some meaning to your life! My advise to you is to do some charity once in a while, it will help you taking stress off your shoulders.

The bottom line from all this, if you want to get 3H effect "Happy, High & Hyper," no need to go illegal "lol". Just do some charity and you are on the right track of adding some meaning to your life :D

Have a blessed day ahead people!


  1. what you did is great
    try to do it with no motives
    it's even better

  2. Totally agree :)
    Thank you!