Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Introducing Volkswagen Service Excellence - Enjoy every ride, with a package to be proud of!

One of the things that always attracts me is the simplicity, yet attractive look Volkswagen is providing through their cars. Not to mention the Service Excellence they provide to you, once you buy any of their cars. However, the moment you buy any of their cars, you will be eligible for 3 years free service and up to 5 years warranty, including 15,000km service interval. To be honest with you, this gives you piece of mind wherever you go! "Like off-roading perhaps :p"

Well, if you already have one of the Volkswagen cars you might be interested to know what services they can provide by checking the below link:

Or check out their Excellence Service Portfolio for more information

I always liked the Touareq design and wanted to have one, specially after my first car ever has been hit by a Touareq :P! Maybe it's time to seriously think about it, don't you think? :D

Moreover, the below information can show you how Volkswagen is taking care of it's customers by providing excellent services.

Quality and Durability
You will find quality and durability built into every Volkswagen. That's why Volkswagen has more vehicles on the road with over 100,000 miles than any other manufacturer. 

Since safety is important to everyone including Volkswagen, there is a meticulously designed safety cage underneath every gorgeous Volkswagen exterior. It's tough, protective and obsessively concerned with your well-being. Each section of the cage helps to protect passengers in its own unique way.

German Craftsmanship
Innovative engineering contributes to a well-designed car. From initial development, the greatest attention has been given to the smallest detail. It's all testimony to Volkswagen's legendary build quality and precision approach.


  1. Volkswagen is truly excellent

  2. I love Volkswagen there cars rocks

  3. That's a great offer , I' was planning to buy a Volkswagen shortly