Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[ilulz Station] Rather Be

It's a very dull day if you haven't notice already! So I am trying to wake myself up with some music, coffee and some walking "lol". So far nothing is working. Any suggestions?

Song: Rather Be by Clean Bandit feat Jess Glynne.
Waiting for suggestions ppl!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 3H Effect "Happy, High & Hyper"

Yesterday I was feeling down somehow, but I kept on thinking of one person whom I haven't seen for a quiet long time! He is "the Baladiya man," "lol don't ask me why or how, I  just think about people too much!" assigned at the street near to our building at work. So I was kind of talking to myself saying: "if I see him I am going to give him a big amount of money tomorrow," and I fell asleep very quickly huh! 

When I woke up this morning, I was still feeling a bit down and I forgot about everything else I have thought of, until I have parked my car and was heading to work. The surprise was that I found the "Baladiya man" sitting on the side as if he was waiting for me! I immediately smiled and gave him the amount I had in my mind last night. He was so happy, but I was even happier.

My mood is much better, I felt so happy and hyper. It's really amazing how you can draw a smile on someone's face with something you think is tiny, but is huge and meaningful to them.

People spend a lot of money to make their lives feel meaningful, significant and important, but when you give money away you are making that same kind of process! Giving away money to a cause you believe in is a more effective purchase than buying something to support your case! 

I believe that charity can be also accomplished through a smile, and not necessarily with something material. So be kind, and add some meaning to your life! My advise to you is to do some charity once in a while, it will help you taking stress off your shoulders.

The bottom line from all this, if you want to get 3H effect "Happy, High & Hyper," no need to go illegal "lol". Just do some charity and you are on the right track of adding some meaning to your life :D

Have a blessed day ahead people!

[ilulz Station] Es2al 3laya - Sherieen

So I felt like listening to Arabic Music today, and I have came across Sherieen's song "Esaal Alaya." I love her voice, it is so warm :) 
Song: Esaal Alaya by Sherieen.
Have a great day :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

iOS 7.1.1 new update fixes some bugs, including the battery issue!

Apple has released its iOS 7.1.1 update today, and it fixed few bugs introduced by the previous version of iOS 7.1 update and Touch ID improvements. Apple's latest software update has brought in the much required improvement to battery life.

I truly hope that this update would fix the battery issue, so I wont carry the cable with me like an idiot wherever I go :p

[ilulz Station] Bastille - Pompeii

While enjoying my afternoon read, I thought I need to listen to something! And the first thing that has come to my mind is this song :D
Song: Pompeii by Bastille

Thursday, April 24, 2014

[Event] Support @Kayak4Kuwait - Go Blue for earth day!

Kuwait's sea is prone to incredibly high levels of pollution, and is known to become some of the most polluted waters in the Gulf region. 

In celebration of World Earth Day, the Kayak4Kuwait team will be heading out form right in front of Parliament and kayaking all the way to Kuwait Towers, to highlight the extent of environmental damage to the coasts, Kuwait's waters, coral reefs and fish populations.

Lend your support to help protect and conserve Kuwait's waters.

ان بحر الكويت معرض للتلوث بصورة كبيرة، والمعروف عنه انه من اكثر المياه الملوثة في منطقة الخليج

بمناسبة يوم الارض العالمي، ان فريق كاياك الكويت سيقوم بالانطلاق من مجلس الامة متجها الى ابراج الكويت بهدف تسليط الضوء على الاضرار البيئية التي تدمر سواحل ومياه الكويت والثروة السمكية

سيتم الانطلاق غدا، انضموا لفريق كاياك الكويت وقدموا لهم الدعم اللازم لحماية مياه الكويت وشواطئها

[ilulz Station] Just The Way You Are

I know I have said I will be posting music only in weekends, but I can't help it :D I share good ones, once heard :)
Song: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sketch in progress!

As I have promised you earlier, this is the video for sketching that mysterious lady few days ago :) But the problem is that my app crashed and I am not able to render my time-lapse video in HD :( So you need to deal with this video and this low Res video "Sorry" :(

I will try to fix it somehow later! Here is the original photo and the video is to follow. Hope you like it :D

[ilulz Station] Right Here Waiting For You!

If a song is a hit, you can never get sick of it! Same thing with this amazing song, can't get sick or bored of it :)
Song: Right here waiting for your by Richard Marx
Have a great day ahead!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Spring Color Collection at The Body Shop!

I always feel excited whenever I receive a mail from The Body Shop announcing their new arrivals :D The minute you see their products you feel like eating them, and not using them ;p However, today I am going to show you the New Spring Collection that has just hit the shelves at The Body Shop - Kuwait.
Limited Edition Hair Chalks, available in two hair-raising shades: Tickle Me Pink, and Falling For Blue. It's actually awesome for playing around with the nieces since its temporary and can be washed off easily, or for some people who are obsessed with taking "Selfies" haha. 

The Body Shop works with the Eudofano Women's Co-operative in Ondangwam Northern Namibia, to source their Community Fair Trade Marula Oil which can be found in many of their products. 

Moreover, The Body Shop Facebook Page [Link] is having a contest now! All you need to do is to participate in order to get a chance to win a KD 15 gift from The Body Shop. You just need to come up with an awesome word to complete the below sentence.

I Love The Body Shop Because, .................................

[ilulz Station] Just give me a reason! Pink

You can not hate this song! It's simply awesome. Have a great day ahead! :-)
Song: Just give me a reason by Pink ft. Nate Ruess

Monday, April 21, 2014

New arrivals @Panacheous

New at casual chic essentials from Anais & I great for babies, boys & girls, with matching shoes & accessories to have the look complete! Fun party & Eid outfits from Love Made Love, colorful summer tracks, hareems, jumpsuits & more from our best seller Shampoodle. All are now available in store in the Discovery mall, Kicokids@panacheous boutique.

For more details:

Website: Link
Blog: Link
Twitter & Instagram account @panacheous
Tel: 00965-97745583
Shop: At The Discovery Mall - Kuwait.

[ilulz Station] Best Day of My Life!

I know I have been busy & away. Haven't posted anything for a while now. But here we go, today's mood is hyper "and a bit sleepy" :p and the song explains it all lol.
Mood: Hyper.
Song: Best day of my life by American Authors.

"Just don't wake me now, indeed" :p
You have to listen to this song, it's really nice :D

Saturday, April 12, 2014

[ilulz Station] نسم علينا الهوا

The mood is totally Fairouz, with that cup of coffee, my Skecthbook and the pencils. It just gives you that great feeling and relief whenever you listen to her voice in the early morning. Such a great way to start your day :)
Song: Nasam Alaina Al Hawa by Fairouz.

Enjoy your day lovelies!

Friday, April 11, 2014

#Sketching on #Cups is fun

I have been away for so long, I couldn't find the time to sketch or draw anything for over a month! So I have decided to finally do something today. And I have found those cups stacked over in my room waiting to be pampered :p

Today I have sketched three familiar, yet amazing stars. Hope you like them :)
First was Marilyn Monroe "it looks better in the below video"

And then the King of Pop Michael Jackson

And finally, Elvis Presley

[ilulz Station] Ain't It Fun!

As I promised before, the [ilulz Station] posts will go on during weekends :)
Today's song is Ain't It Fun by Paramore
Mood: Weekeeeeeeend

Have a blessed Friday, and enjoy your weakend :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo Emirates Airlines newest Global Ambassador!

Emirates Airline, an Official FIFA Worldwide Partner, announced that Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese captain and winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013, is its newest Global Ambassador “which makes him the second global ambassador for Emirates Airlines.”  In the same press conference, held in Madrid, the airline also premiered its campaign video featuring the football superstar alongside Brazilian legend and fellow Global Ambassador for Emirates, Pelé.

Emirates, a global connector of people and passions, has brought the two football idols together with fans in its flagship A380 onboard lounge in a new digital campaign, which launched on March 28 around the world. The announcement comes just 74 days before the world’s most watched sporting event kicks off in Pelé’s home country of Brazil.  In January, the airline announced three times World Cup winner Pelé as their first Global Ambassador in 2014, continuing with the tradition of only working with the very best on the field, Cristiano Ronaldo was the ideal choice to stand alongside Pelé.

Boutros Boutros, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Brand said: “Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé are well-known around the world.It is not only that their names and faces are synonymous with top-quality football, but also that they have the ability to inspire and connect with people within and beyond the sports arena.Each year Emirates is involved in more than 200 sports events, where fans and customers share exclusive experiences. This campaign reflects the Emirates philosophy to go beyond transporting people and to connect them through sports and culture.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is an icon for this generation of football fans and is widely regarded as one of the greatest footballers on the pitch today.  He has broken records and earned awards throughout his career. He is massively talented but he doesn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he works hard to continue pushing himself to new heights.  This ethos, plus his ability to inspire fans across the world is why we are delighted to be working with him.”

An official FIFA Partner since 2006, Emirates has been involved with the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the FIFA U20 and U17 World Cup, as well as the FIFA World Cup– including the upcoming 2014 event in Brazil.

Operating daily flights from Dubai to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Emirates is expected to transport over 18,000 passengers during the month-long tournament this year.  The airline connects Brazil and the South American continent to the world, facilitating trade and tourism with air transport links beyond Dubai to the Far East, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.