Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whatsapp goes down after Facebook $10 billion

Like I said before, every time Facebook comes to the picture a problem occurs! And I am sure everybody is aware of yesterday's problem pertaining WhatsApp servers.

The problems came just days after Facebook announced it had bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars in cash and stocks. However, the problem occurred at 08:16 pm where they have used their account on twitter to tweet: "Sorry we currently experiencing server issues. We hope to be back up and recovered shortly." And later on at 10:48 pm it announced the problems had been fixed tweeting: "WhatsApp service has been restored. We are so sorry for the downtime..."

Million of crazy, funny, powerful and useless hash-tags were created yesterday just to make fun and complaint about WhatsApp issue on both Twitter and Instagram. Some users complained about the problems, while others joked that WhatsApp team had gone on holiday following their multi-billion dollar deal with Facebook. Of course, Facebook was forced to issue an apology to the 450 million global monthly users of WhatsApp after the instant messaging service suffered "server issues." 

In 2012, Facebook bough photo sharing social media site "Instagram" for one billion US dollars. Bringing the new AD feature and so many users and so many server issues!

In 2014, Facebook bough the most well known and valuable app "WhatsApp." Bringing the server issues, and god knows what else!

In 2016, who knows! Facebook might end up buying twitter, pinterest and every other social media we know!

I would say enough to Facebook, and leave us alone will you. It's not going to be nice if you unify everything else! Variety makes it better.

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