Thursday, December 5, 2013

An open invitation for writing by @UrbanQ8

I am writing this post with a very happy face that has a really big smile :D 
Few months ago I have prepared a post, but kept it in drafts for a quiet long time. That post was having a title that says "An open invitation for writing." I really wanted everyone to share with us whatever they had in mind, and get the opportunity to experience the fun of writing. But, unfortunately, I was very busy to think of anything creative that might help me accomplish whatever I was looking for. 

Until two days ago, I have got a message from Tareq Al Askar (@UrbanQ8) stating that he has brought to life again! And that he has added a new feature which allows users/readers to participate by submitting/writing articles in his website. [Read about it here

You don't need to be a professional writer or anything, all you have to do is just register in website and submit your articles. It's easy, fun and great!

I found this such a unique and creative thing to do, and I have participated in posting few articles as well. If you like writing and want the opportunity to shine, do not hesitate to start writing and submit your article to the above website. I really think this would be such a great experience.

Thanks to UrbanQ8 team for making my dream come true, somehow :p Can't wait to read the articles submitted by the readers :)
Best of luck!


  1. Thank you for getting the word out, really appreciate the support you have shown us. And awaiting more articles from you and the people you have inspired to do so :)