Monday, November 25, 2013

Avant Garde Fashion Show By Tulip Company - Kuwait

I have received one of the sweetest invitations ever from Tuilp Company for attending AVANT GARDE FASHION SHOW in Symphony Mall, on November 20 & 21, 2013.

Luckily, I had the chance to attend the fashion show on November 21, that has fabulous designs of 3 amazing designers in Kuwait: Lucsious Designs, Tango, and Change by FAS. Models makeup was done by the one and only Rola's Bueaty Lounge, located in Symphony Mall.

Too bad the show was moving too fast, that I couldn't take photos. But overall, it was one amazing show, well organized, and was very neat. However, I was able to record short videos of the models on the runway. And managed somehow to collect some photos and videos published by other sources. Enjoy!

A view from top by @Tulipkw

Getting ready for the show by @inspire_me_more

A very packed runway, right before the show starts.

Pre-preparations of the models. Photos by @Tulipkw, and makeup by @rolasbueatylounge

Designer 1:
Luscious Designs (@lusciousdesigns) by the creative Hala Abu Al Hassan @dudette_7D
Photo by inspire_me_more

Photos by Luscious Designs, everything is now available in the store.

And here are the videos.

Another video recorded by Luscious Designs.

Intermission: Avant Garde Designs.
Photos by @Tulipkw and video by me.

Designer 2:
Photo by @inspire_me_more
Video by me.

Intermission: Avant Garde Designs
Photo by @Tulipkw
Video by me.

Designer 3:
Change by FAS (@thedesignerkw)
Photo by @inspire_me_more and @withsummerlove
Video by me

Intermission: Avant Garde Designs
The final show

That was one amazing show that I have really enjoyed, although I have wished if I could have taken more photos and better videos. Well, thanks again Tulip for this great event, all the best :)

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