Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starbucks opens a new branch in twitter!

Twitter and Starbucks announced a partnership on Monday October 28 that will allow customers to exchange gift certificates by tweeting. It's called "tweet-a-coffee," and Starbucks hopes to use the program to capitalize on spontaneous acts of caffeinated generosity among friends.

All you have to do is tweet "@tweetacoffee to" and write in the handle of the recipient. Initially eGifts will only come in $5 denominations and can be redeemed by printing out the eGift or loading it to a Starbucks digital card.

More e-commerce initiatives could be coming to Twitter if the Starbucks gambit succeeds. American Express already promoted a program earlier this year that allowed its cardholders to use a hash-tag to make a purchase,

Below is an official announcement coming from Starbucks official Twitter account.

And here is a tweet from @tweetacoffee that explains how you may use this service.

They just know how to keep me away from quitting! :D

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