Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kim Kardashian Releasing a Baby Weight-Loss Book

The reality TV star is planning to release a diary all about her post-baby weight-lost that will include intimate, never-before-seen images following her from daughter North West's delivery to her current state.

"Kim & Kanye are always thinking about the brand and how to make it bigger and better, so Kim is loving the idea of a post-baby body visual diary showing her weight-loss." "She knows there are plenty of pap photos of her out there, but only she has the really personal ones that no one can get close enough to take of her."

The project doesn't have a publisher yet, but Kim is confident that because of the public's interest, it will get picked up.

Kim looks at photos of herself from a few weeks ago and is beyond excited that she is slimming down all the time, the visual spur of her photos arranged on her wall have been a huge inspiration.

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