Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day to remember! Funny story

Before I start writing this post, you need to know it was kept in drafts for two days now. It's just that I am half awake today lol!

The day before yesterday was one of the days I have barely gone through and survived! And will never ever forget that day! Why? Here is my story.

It all started when I stopped having enough sleep and get barely two or three hours of sleep a day. However, on that day, I had only two and a half hours of sleep and I went to work with some high expectations! "9 hours a day"

Do you really want to know what happened? Okay, check the below sketches because they really sum up the whole thing :p

Before going to work

At work!

After lunch!

By the end of the day, and as usual, I went to bed late and had almost 2 hours of sleep!
On the next day, I though well I am sure I am better today, nothing to worry about. Looked at my phone the battery was dying, grabbed my charger and plugged it into my PC, it's not working! Tried the plug right behind me, and still not working! Okay my phone is not working and I need to repair it, and say "goodbye world!" at least for now

Until I have realized that the cable I was using is not actually functioning and I just need to replace it! Was that embarrassing, yes! Do I regret it? Not at all, it actually helped others to draw up a beautiful smile ;).
Bottom of line, I have minimized the amount of "Turkish Coffe" into one mug a day :(, and the rest of the day I drink black coffee. Take my word and don't go to work while you are sleepy! Weird things could happen, you should trust me on that :p
Have a nice day !

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