Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sketching techniques, which one to continue with?

I am in love with sketching since I was little, and I used to always wonder how people could make a photo so realistic by colouring it! I have tried pencil colours before and the result was so lame :p It was more like a sketch of a 12 year old kiddo :p After that, I didn't wanted to risk coloring any of my sketches because I didn't wanted to ruin it. 

However, I have been searching YouTube for those kind of techniques but unfortunately, I couldn't find any helpful videos! So I have decided to try it myself even if my sketch is going to be ruined, because only this way I will be able to learn how to master this technique.

This sketch was done today, hope you will like it.
First you prepare your sketch and ink it.

And then you start with shading the dark places in the skin, make sure you pay attention to the light source/angle and don't press hard on the pencil.

And then start colouring the lighter grades of the skin and the rest of the sketch the way you want, and blend as many colours as you want.

After I was done colouring and mixing the colours, I have blend it with a water colour brush "rough not soft one" it will give you a more realistic look :)

And here is the final sketch.

But my question is, since I have somehow knew how to blend the colours together. Should I continue doing so, or keep on shading and colouring using pencil and charcoal ?

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