Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Update] Ramadan 2013 TV Shows timing by @Jacquies

Every year, the very famous Jacqui from Couchavenue blog prepares a list of all Ramada TV shows (Khaleeji, Arabic & Cartoons shows) with the time those shows are going to be aired and repeated. 
So big thank you Jacqui for making our life easier :p Check her post here in her blog, and don't forget to say thank you :D It's really such a great effort. يعطيكي العافية :D

Update: This is the new list of the new TV shows.


  1. Aww Thanks for sharing it, I will be releasing a final version later on tonight hopefully once the timings are final.

    1. You are most welcome dear, thanks to you <3
      Will be updating this post then once you release the new list :D