Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Update]: ilulz Instagram competition is ON!

Hello all !
The other day I was checking out my Instagram and I was really confused on how to express my love to my followers, I was thinking to sketch their photos, but oh well, how to sketch so many photos in a short time! So I have decided to create a new competition on Instagram to spice things up a little. 

The competition will be once a week, until the end of Ramadan (no plans yet to keep it going afterwards, will see how things will go on.) The winner's ID, however, will be picked randomly through an app or a website, and the gift will be a sketch of the winner.

In order to be able to check out the questions and participate, visit my profile on Instagram ilulz.
And the first question for today was 

You can find the hint in my Instagram account as well :)
Good Luck !

Update: The first winner for this week was Hayaalkhal.

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