Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chucky Mask! Who on earth would want to have this!

I am sure 99.9% of you all remember Chucky "the scary doll," specially all of those who were born in 80s and 90s. I used to watch the movie and get scary thoughts at night. I even used to keep my dolls out of the room and close the door behind me LOL, not to mentioned that I used to look under the bed before going to sleep. I still don't like Chucky, whenever I see its face I remember all those scary moments XP

معظم مواليد ال80 وال 90 يذكرون تشكي "اللعبة المخيفة"، انا كنت اشوف الفيلم وتبدأ الأفكار المخيفة تطلع بالليل. حتى كنت أودي كل ألعابي برة الغرفة واسكر الباب بالليل. غير اني كنت اشيك تحت السرير قبل النوم كل يوم :p
كل ما اشوف تشكي ترجعلي الذكريات القديمة :p 

However, today I saw those masks on sale on Amazon, and I was wondering who the hell would want to have this mask. Just looking at it is scary and disgusting, how about wearing it :/ 

اليوم بالصدفة شفت موقع امازون مسويين خصومات على أقنعة تشكي، بس مين ممكن يفكر انه يشتري هالقناع ويلبسه! الواحد بس يشوفه يخاف

You can buy it from Amazon for US 37.85 from here

You can buy it from Amazon here, but currently not available

You can buy it from Amazon for US 33.95 from here

You can buy it from Amazon for US 22.99 from here

If you were offered to get this mask for free, would you get it ?
اذا عرضو عليك تاخد القناع كهدية، بتقبل فيه ؟

PS: Share with us your experience with Chucky :p
شاركنا مغامراتك وقصصك مع تشكي :p

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