Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ارفع راسك وشاركهم اللحظة

Since I have started talking about Ads, I have to share this amazing ad of STC in Ramadan with you all. I really consider this ad as one of the most amazing and creative ads ever. It represents our current culture and touches the core of the way we are living nowadays.

I know that most of the Telecommunication companies will try to promote their offers through ads, but this year STC did something different. They are indirectly asking people to stop using their mobiles, social media and other services to pay attention to what is going on around them and to enjoy every minute of this holy month with others! Who would do such a thing, which company would ask you directly to stop using their services for a while!

I really really like this ad, what about you guys? Which ad do you like the most this Ramadan?

And this is another ad they have created, to check if people would care to help a blind man or not!

I believe this is a new step of changing the ads criteria into guidance.

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