Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aramex Shop & Ship is now in Mumbai and China

It's great to know that you have more than one option for shopping in different countries. Aramex just recently increased their number of mailboxes to 6. Now you have a new mailbox in China and in Mumbai, and you can enjoy shopping to the max :D

It's great how Aramex is thinking about their customers, but it's really annoying how they charge us as well. I have tried so many companies, and the amount they charge for a shipment is way much less than what Aramex is charging. And every time I submit a complaint, they say it's the new customs rules! Excuse me but who you are kidding. If you want a great deal, you should consider the prices and the charges you sit on the shipments. I used to be number 1 fan, but I don't think I am anymore :(


  1. I've got some great news for Kuwait: We've resolved all customs related issues as of last week and the new process is being applied as of today...any benefits/savings as a result of the new process being applied are being passed on to our members! No more 5% per IATA and no additional 1kd on stamps. Also, you'll notice that we've recently introduced 2 zones for Shop and Ship origins. Checkout the rates for Dubai/Istanbul/Mumbai, which fall under 1 zone now...We're all good to go;)

    1. Well, if what you are saying is true then I am thrilled. This is really some awesome news. I will try it again and check out the prices, before I go back to my Aramex addiction :D