Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aramex listens, and reduces the charges !

I have been number one fan of Aramex  SNS "Shop & Ship" since forever, but I have recently switched into direct shipping "if available," or other mailbox services like Boderlinx and others; because they charge less then Aramex. When Aramex initially started, the prices and the charges were reasonable. But the charges kept on increasing afterwards claiming it's because of customs. However, and after so many complaints, Aramex decided to listen to its customers and reduce the prices of the shipping cost. How did I know about it? Well, in my last post [Read it here] I was introducing the new SNS mailbox in Mumbai and China, and was surprised with a comment of one of Aramex representatives stating the the charges are going to be reduced as below.

I am really thrilled with these news, and can't wait to start using my Aramex mailboxes again!


  1. Well I wont believe them till i try shipping an order through them and find what sorry excuse they might come up with to gain an extra KD or 2 coz i never believed that Customs & IATA scam.

    1. Well, it's worth a try :D
      I will use it with my next purchase, and check it out :)