Sunday, July 14, 2013

An obsessed Blogger!

Have you ever watched this movie "Juile & Julia?" It's an old movie, but it's a brilliant one as well. This movie is based on a book, and I have recently read so many complaints about the book. Everybody's recommendation is not to read the book but to watch the movie instead, as it is more fun and amusing. 

However, why I have chosen to talk about this movie is to share my experience with you. And I am sure that most of you have had that feeling when they have started blogging. 

In this movie, I like the fact how Julia used to be so excited when she first established her blog. And she used to get even more excited whenever she reads a comment on her blog. Hilariously she was pretty much disappointed when she got her first comment, since it was from her mother "LOL."

What I am trying to say, being a blogger is really fun. The amount of joy and happiness I get for writing and communicating with people is priceless. I remember when I first started blogging in 2010. I posted two poems and deleted them again because no body read it or actually knew about it :p Then I started blogging again in 2011, but then was not looking for any comment or any communication. I was just happy posting and writing :D

But now, I became a freak about it! If I didn't post anything in a week, I will feel that there is something wrong, and that I am letting others down! So I just have to post something :p. But I also don't like to post anything that doesn't have a meaning or is categorized under the Miscellaneous tag.

Briefly, I am afraid I am on the way of becoming an obsessed blogger :D
What about you, how was your experience?

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