Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Firefox OS logo design sketches

As many of you have heard Firefox is getting into smartphones market, for more info read my previous post Firefox gets into smartphones. But, however, we still don't know anything about the OS or the way it's going to look like! Until, I have found those sketches of the Firefox OS logo design.

Those sketches are Martijn Rijven's for the new Firefox OS identity. He completed the work under the creative direction of Wolff Olins, who commissioned him for the project. It's really amazing to see the initial steps of something that is going to go worldwide. I wish if all other companies are sharing those kind of stories "officially" with others. Here are some early versions.

Here are the initial sketches

The initial vectors

The bolt

The charge

The leap

The swoop

The pivot

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aramex listens, and reduces the charges !

I have been number one fan of Aramex  SNS "Shop & Ship" since forever, but I have recently switched into direct shipping "if available," or other mailbox services like Boderlinx and others; because they charge less then Aramex. When Aramex initially started, the prices and the charges were reasonable. But the charges kept on increasing afterwards claiming it's because of customs. However, and after so many complaints, Aramex decided to listen to its customers and reduce the prices of the shipping cost. How did I know about it? Well, in my last post [Read it here] I was introducing the new SNS mailbox in Mumbai and China, and was surprised with a comment of one of Aramex representatives stating the the charges are going to be reduced as below.

I am really thrilled with these news, and can't wait to start using my Aramex mailboxes again!

Sketching when you don't feel like sketching!

Have you ever tried to work on a project where you put all your effort and concentration on, in order to make it look good or perfect, yet you failed to do it the way you want! Well, this is what is happening to me lately. Whenever I try to sketch something and intent to make it perfect or good, I finally discover that there is something wrong, and it's not what I had in mind! 

The below sketches are the ones I have made with no intention to work hard on it to make it look perfect! But eventually it actually turned better then what I have expected! Let me hear your thoughts :)

This really gets into my nerves sometimes !

Monday, July 29, 2013

The models behind the "Pin-up Girls" posters

I used to always like those illustrations of those models, but didn't actually knew what it is all about! Until I have found some photos of the real models were it was the main reason behind those  creative illustrations. 

This art of illustration is called pin-up. A pin-up girl, also known as a pin-up model, is a model whose mass-roduced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display, e.g. meant to be "pinned-up" on a wall. Pin-up girls may be glamour models, fashion models, or actresses. [Source: Wikipedia]

Have you ever wondered about the models/idea behind those posters! I wish I could have lived when pin-up girls were the epitome of sexy! Honestly, they do represent such an elegant neat woman! Here are some photos I have found today of the real model and the illustration "poster" of her.

My next project is to do some of those posters, it's easy to sketch it, I just need to figure out how to colour it this way :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

[Update]: ilulz Instagram competition is ON!

Hello all !
The other day I was checking out my Instagram and I was really confused on how to express my love to my followers, I was thinking to sketch their photos, but oh well, how to sketch so many photos in a short time! So I have decided to create a new competition on Instagram to spice things up a little. 

The competition will be once a week, until the end of Ramadan (no plans yet to keep it going afterwards, will see how things will go on.) The winner's ID, however, will be picked randomly through an app or a website, and the gift will be a sketch of the winner.

In order to be able to check out the questions and participate, visit my profile on Instagram ilulz.
And the first question for today was 

You can find the hint in my Instagram account as well :)
Good Luck !

Update: The first winner for this week was Hayaalkhal.

POP Art welcome to my bio! Scarlett Johansson

Today I have decided to try something new and different, I have decided to try the pop art. I know I still need to work more on that, and I need to know more tricks in order to master it. But well, it's really amazing how you can turn a photo into that art. It's not easy though, but it's really fun.

A friend of mine suggested that I should do a tutorial on how to create pop art photo. It will take time to be ready, but will do it soon inshallah.

However, the photo I have used today was Scarlett Johansson's. Not perfectly done, because I did it without patient :D but it turned out nice :)

Hope you'll like it ^_^

And this is what I have created :/

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ارفع راسك وشاركهم اللحظة

Since I have started talking about Ads, I have to share this amazing ad of STC in Ramadan with you all. I really consider this ad as one of the most amazing and creative ads ever. It represents our current culture and touches the core of the way we are living nowadays.

I know that most of the Telecommunication companies will try to promote their offers through ads, but this year STC did something different. They are indirectly asking people to stop using their mobiles, social media and other services to pay attention to what is going on around them and to enjoy every minute of this holy month with others! Who would do such a thing, which company would ask you directly to stop using their services for a while!

I really really like this ad, what about you guys? Which ad do you like the most this Ramadan?

And this is another ad they have created, to check if people would care to help a blind man or not!

I believe this is a new step of changing the ads criteria into guidance.

Amazing circle of life! haha

I leave the comments to you :p

Sadia Ad in different cultures!

I really like how companies get creative sometimes with their ads, although I don't like ads. But some ads are really amazing and make you want to watch it over and over again, like these ads below. The reason why I like this ad is because it is showing the roll of the mother whether she is a Middle Eastern mother or a foreign mother. And all she cares about is the happiness of her family. And if you have noticed they didn't even mention the name "Sadia" in their ad at all, they just put their name at the end of the ad. Not like the ads nowadays, where they will create a song out of the product name and just start singing! Which is totally annoying.

This campaign is about the reason why mothers cook. Watch the rest of the videos on 

Monday, July 22, 2013

A doodle tribute from Google to Warda Al-Jazairia

Google is celebrating the memory of Warda Al Jazairia birthday today July 22, 2013 as a tribute to this legend. They have sketched her photo as if she was signing, and the mic represented one of the "O" letters in Google word. 

When you press on the "doodle," it will take you to the search page with all the information you wish to know about Warda Al Jazairia.

RIP Warda!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Aramex Shop & Ship is now in Mumbai and China

It's great to know that you have more than one option for shopping in different countries. Aramex just recently increased their number of mailboxes to 6. Now you have a new mailbox in China and in Mumbai, and you can enjoy shopping to the max :D

It's great how Aramex is thinking about their customers, but it's really annoying how they charge us as well. I have tried so many companies, and the amount they charge for a shipment is way much less than what Aramex is charging. And every time I submit a complaint, they say it's the new customs rules! Excuse me but who you are kidding. If you want a great deal, you should consider the prices and the charges you sit on the shipments. I used to be number 1 fan, but I don't think I am anymore :(

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sketching techniques, which one to continue with?

I am in love with sketching since I was little, and I used to always wonder how people could make a photo so realistic by colouring it! I have tried pencil colours before and the result was so lame :p It was more like a sketch of a 12 year old kiddo :p After that, I didn't wanted to risk coloring any of my sketches because I didn't wanted to ruin it. 

However, I have been searching YouTube for those kind of techniques but unfortunately, I couldn't find any helpful videos! So I have decided to try it myself even if my sketch is going to be ruined, because only this way I will be able to learn how to master this technique.

This sketch was done today, hope you will like it.
First you prepare your sketch and ink it.

And then you start with shading the dark places in the skin, make sure you pay attention to the light source/angle and don't press hard on the pencil.

And then start colouring the lighter grades of the skin and the rest of the sketch the way you want, and blend as many colours as you want.

After I was done colouring and mixing the colours, I have blend it with a water colour brush "rough not soft one" it will give you a more realistic look :)

And here is the final sketch.

But my question is, since I have somehow knew how to blend the colours together. Should I continue doing so, or keep on shading and colouring using pencil and charcoal ?