Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Coffee faces ! #Sketches

Every one of us has something that he/she is addicted to! And I have my coffee which I am extremely addicted to :p

I don't see my face whenever I am having coffee or after or during the process of preparing it, but I somehow know from what people keep telling me :p So here is how my face looks like as how others have described it to me :D

Here is when I find out that the coffee is over, and I get stuck with no coffee and only a headache !
This works like charm, it actually made my dad get out and buy me some coffee the other day lol "how mean XD"

And I guess I look like this before having my first cup of coffee in the morning :p "Yo, What are you looking at!"

Now, when my baby arrives <3

And finally, when I drink my coffee its only "I, myself & the coffee <3" hehe 

PS: try not to talk to me in the morning before I have my coffee, otherwise you will really get confused and will never understand a word :D

Have a nice day !

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