Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last night scribbles (Marilyn & Betty Boop Vector)

I wonder why always everything creative comes at night! Specially while you are thinking of your pillow and having your teddy next to you :p I mean come on, haven't you thought of something creative once at night and kept it for the next day. While on the next day, all you can remember is that "I thought I had something creative in my mind!" ... Yup, that is called disappointment, for not writing down your ideas :p

Here is how I got creative yesterday at night. (Marilyn vector, more like a chibi :D)

And here where I was more of a sleepy person, than creative :p (Betty Boop)

Have a nice day everyone :)


  1. salam its neda ur cousin. really great drawings i luv them . hope u and everyones ok. bye. :D

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