Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Instagram introducing video service in June 20

With the new growth of Vine and Keek, Instagram in cooperation with Facebook decided to do something to keep it's current users interested! 

Since Twitter has a video service "Vine", so it's pretty much obvious that Facebook is going to respond with a similar one. Therefore, at its special press event on June 20, Facebook will unveil video support for Instagram. Compared to Vine , Instagram's videos would be limited to 5-10 seconds. This press event will be held at Menlo Parl, California, headquarters. 

From a personal perspective, I don't think this service is worth it, as some videos are not worth the loading time when a picture would have sufficed. Hoping that this new service is not going to make Instagram heavier and loaded with unnecessary videos/posts!


  1. There goes instagram out the window.

    It was consuming too much internet consumption, can't imagine loading videos. Anyone without 4G will be going through a nightmare.

    1. Not to mention the time you will waste for loading videos which are not worth it!
      I don't know what they are thinking of. Why don't they just create a new separate app for videos and call it Instavideo :/