Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are you hungry ? Don't know from where to order ?

Everyday at this time the stomach starts to make some noises, sometimes its loud and sometimes its embarrassing :p 

My colleagues always ask me to decide from where to order 3 hours before lunch time "yea it takes that much to decide from where to eta lol," however, every time I decide to order I open 6alabat website and start looking for something interesting to eat. And all I get is stronger stomachache, because of those photos, which are too good not to look at "if you know what I mean :p"

The final stage/phase of this process always ends up with different options, which are:

1. Finalize and order something from 6alabat website.
2. Close 6alabat website and order a sandwich from the shop down "which is the fastest".
3. Getting really busy and forget to order or eat anything and go back home hungry!

Most likely point number 2 & 3 are happening a lot lately !
So, my friends what do you suggest I should have for lunch? Before my co-workers kill me for not ordering so far :p

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