Friday, June 28, 2013

Haifa Wehbi sketch

Again I am coming to you with a new sketch, trying to improve my skills in portrait sketching, I hope I am not boring you with all those sketches :) this time I have sketched the gorgeous Haifa Wehbi.

Hope you'll like it !

Chaws :p

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

iOS 7 beta 2 was realeased

Apple released iOS 7 beta 2 for developers yesterday June 24, 2013. The new version promises to fix bugs and include certain improvements. But the major issue in this update is a version of the software for iPads (both regular and mini models.) As we all know, the first version of the software was only for iPhones & iPod touches.

On the other hand, this software update brings back reworked version of Apple's voice memos application, which has been a built-in utility since 2009's iOS 3.0, though was not provided in the initial beta of iOS 7.

I think it's time for me to upgrade to iOS 7, don't you think :p

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 coming in July

Samsung will be launching their new Galaxy Tab 3 in the coming weeks (probably first or second week of July), and will be arriving in three different sizes 7.0 inches, 8.0 inches and 10.1 inches. Below are the main features/specifications of each model.

Galaxy Tab 3 (7.0 inches)

- Will have 7-inch LCD with 1,024x600 resolution. 
- Dual-core chip.
- 1.2 GHz processor.
- 1 GB RAM.
- 8 GB Storage.
- Very light 10.6 ounces, and 0.39 inch thickness.
- Runs Andriod OS 4.1
- Price: US $199

Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0 inches)

- Will have 8-inch screen and ultra-thin (0.29 inch) casing with 1,280x800 resolution.
- 1.5 GHz dual-core Exynos processor.
- 1.5 GB RAM.
- 16 GB storage built in, plus a microSD slot.
- Runs Andriod OS 4.2
- Price: US $299

Galaxy Tab 3 (10.1 inches)

- Intel processor
- 1.6 GHz dual-core Atom chip.
- 1 GB RAM.
- Runs Android 4.2 OS.
- 16 GB storage, plus a microSD slot.
- Size: thinner than 7.0 tab (only 0.31 inch), and weighs 1.1 pounds.
- Screen resolution is 1,280x800 
- IR Blaster.
- 3 megapixel rear camera.
1.3 megapixel front-facing camera.
- Price: US $399

Interesting isn't :D 
But I already have Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and I don't think I would upgrade to 3 ! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Megan fox sketch

Finally I have decided to use my charcoal pencils from my art tool box, and sketch Megan fox ! Why Megan? I don't know but I find it easier to sketch her face :p 

The real sketch is looking much better than the photo! Anyways I hope you'll like it. Enjoy your weekend :) 

Here is the sketch 

And the real photo

Facebook launches photo comments

Next to the new feature added earlier by Facebook "how you're feeling or what you're doing," Facebook now gave us a new great feature which allows us to react to our friend's status updates with photo comments "i.e. attaching a photo in your comment."

Uploads of photo comments will be restricted to the Facebook website and mobile site, but simply viewing photo comments will be possible from Facebook's mobile applications.

The below photos will show you the two new features mentioned above.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Are you hungry ? Don't know from where to order ?

Everyday at this time the stomach starts to make some noises, sometimes its loud and sometimes its embarrassing :p 

My colleagues always ask me to decide from where to order 3 hours before lunch time "yea it takes that much to decide from where to eta lol," however, every time I decide to order I open 6alabat website and start looking for something interesting to eat. And all I get is stronger stomachache, because of those photos, which are too good not to look at "if you know what I mean :p"

The final stage/phase of this process always ends up with different options, which are:

1. Finalize and order something from 6alabat website.
2. Close 6alabat website and order a sandwich from the shop down "which is the fastest".
3. Getting really busy and forget to order or eat anything and go back home hungry!

Most likely point number 2 & 3 are happening a lot lately !
So, my friends what do you suggest I should have for lunch? Before my co-workers kill me for not ordering so far :p

Mambo Italiano - Song

This is one of the songs that are stuck into my head since for ever!
I love it I don't know why, it's so ....  hmmm interesting :p
Enjoy it, and have a nice day ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Louis Vuitton’s new window display 5th avenue Maison

In June 13, 2013 Dinosaurs dominated Louis Vuitton’s 5th Avenue Maison’s windows. 

Featured in the windows are Louis Vuitton bags from autumn/winter (the Speedy, the SC Bag, the Alma and the Noe in a variety of sizes and colors). Museum-style signage which would usually spell out the species of dinosaur is used instead to identify the type and specification of each bag. Mannequins are dressed in clothes from the Pre-Fall 2013 collection. 

The idea for Louis Vuitton’s new window installation was hatched after a visit to the Natural History Museum in Paris’s Les Jardins des Plantes. 

From first sketch, to workshop, to final installation to this piece of art! 

My Coffee faces ! #Sketches

Every one of us has something that he/she is addicted to! And I have my coffee which I am extremely addicted to :p

I don't see my face whenever I am having coffee or after or during the process of preparing it, but I somehow know from what people keep telling me :p So here is how my face looks like as how others have described it to me :D

Here is when I find out that the coffee is over, and I get stuck with no coffee and only a headache !
This works like charm, it actually made my dad get out and buy me some coffee the other day lol "how mean XD"

And I guess I look like this before having my first cup of coffee in the morning :p "Yo, What are you looking at!"

Now, when my baby arrives <3

And finally, when I drink my coffee its only "I, myself & the coffee <3" hehe 

PS: try not to talk to me in the morning before I have my coffee, otherwise you will really get confused and will never understand a word :D

Have a nice day !

Instagram introducing video service in June 20

With the new growth of Vine and Keek, Instagram in cooperation with Facebook decided to do something to keep it's current users interested! 

Since Twitter has a video service "Vine", so it's pretty much obvious that Facebook is going to respond with a similar one. Therefore, at its special press event on June 20, Facebook will unveil video support for Instagram. Compared to Vine , Instagram's videos would be limited to 5-10 seconds. This press event will be held at Menlo Parl, California, headquarters. 

From a personal perspective, I don't think this service is worth it, as some videos are not worth the loading time when a picture would have sufficed. Hoping that this new service is not going to make Instagram heavier and loaded with unnecessary videos/posts!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Congratulations to Kim & Kanye !

Kim’s baby had come into the world slightly under five pounds with the normal amount of delivery room drama – especially for first-time parents. Kanye was there for this big event as he skipped his Friday hearing to be next to Kim receiving the new baby girl ! 

Even Beyonce greeted both Kim and Kanye on her Facebook official page!

إصدار البطاقة المدنية الذكية للوافدين

أكد المدير العام للهيئة العامة للمعلومات المدنية مساعد العسعوسي حرص الهيئة على إنجاز البطاقة المدنية الذكية لتشمل جميع سكان الكويت من مواطنين ووافدين على إختلاف مواد إقاماتهم في أسرع وقت ممكن.

وبين العسعوسي في المؤتمر الصحافي الذي تم عقده في مقر الهيئة، أنه سيتم إصدار البطاقات المدنية الذكية للوافدين على مراحل وفقا للمحافظات حيث ستكون المرحلة الأولى لمحافظتي العاصمة ومبارك الكبير، إذ سيتم إيقاف إصدار البطاقة المدنية القديمة للأشخاص حاملي الإقامة من المادتين 18 و 22 ممن يقطنون هاتين المحافظتين حتى يتم توفير المستندات اللازمة لإصدار البطاقة الذكية، وهي:

1. صورة حديثة مطابقة للمواصفات المطلوبة.
2. فحص طبي يبين فصيلة الدم.
3. صورة عن جواز السفر.

المصدر الرئيسي للخبر موقع الهيئة العامة للمعلومات المدنية (إقرأ المزيد من هنا).

"Tweet" became an official word in Oxford English Dictionary !

It's official now! The word "Tweet" became an official verb and noun in Oxford English Dictionary. Oh lord, what else is missing? Will we start saying in a middle of a conversation "I retweet what she/he said!" lol
I wonder how google is going to translate this word!

The OED's definition now includes both the verb and noun usage of the word "Tweet" on Twitter:
  • intr. To make a posting on the social networking service Twitter. Also: to use Twitter regularly or habitually. 
  • trans. To post (a message, item of information, etc.) on Twitter. Also: to post a message to (a particular person, organization, etc.)
The OED has traced the word back to 2007, nearly a year after the launch of the social networking phenom, where it originated among Twitter users to refer to the act of writing a message on Twitter, as well as the messages themselves.

Whatsapp might be blocked in Saudi Arabia before Ramadan!

Saudi Arabia plans to block Whatsapp very soon if the app developers/owners didn't comply with their local regulations. I have no doubt that they might go ahead and block it, as they have already blocked the very popular app "Viber" last week.

The reason why Viber was blocked last week is because of it's "noncompliance," while Whatsapp and Skype are next on the list. And from what I have read so far, Whatsapp will be blocked more likely before Ramadan!

To read the full interview with Abdullah Al-Darrab, read the Arab News article from here.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Last night scribbles (Marilyn & Betty Boop Vector)

I wonder why always everything creative comes at night! Specially while you are thinking of your pillow and having your teddy next to you :p I mean come on, haven't you thought of something creative once at night and kept it for the next day. While on the next day, all you can remember is that "I thought I had something creative in my mind!" ... Yup, that is called disappointment, for not writing down your ideas :p

Here is how I got creative yesterday at night. (Marilyn vector, more like a chibi :D)

And here where I was more of a sleepy person, than creative :p (Betty Boop)

Have a nice day everyone :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Diet Ninja Encyclopedia !

This post is dedicated to the very famous Diet Ninja that everyone loves, yet get scared of  "Fahad Al Yahya."

الموضوع هذا إهداء للشخصية المشهورة (ماشاء الله) فهد اليحيى والمعروف أيضا بالدايت نينجا

He is an ex-blogger "sadly he can't find the time to write anymore", and his blog is called Trying To Be Fahad. He is also the founder & GM of Core Fitness. For a healthy lifestyle, call & inquire at 22520407 from Sat-Thurs 1 & 10pm (the ladies gym is still not operated). 

فهد اليحيى من المدونين السابقين والذي للأسف لم يعد يملك الوقت الكافي لمتابعة الكتابة في الوقت الحالي. هو أيضا المؤسس والمدير العام للمعهد الرياضي. 
Core Fitness

However, he is very active on both Twitter and Instagram. Whenever you need to ask him something related to food, health, diet or exercise, just go ahead and ask him on Twitter by mentioning his name @TheDietNinja and he will get back to you as soon as he sees it. As for Instagram, you either add a photo of him or tag his name @TheDietNinja on your photo, and don't forget to add the hash-tags #goninjagoninjago or #teamdietninja or #يبيلي_نينجا he will also get back to you as soon as he sees it.

ولكن بالرغم من إنشغاله، فإنه لايزال عضو نشيط جدا في التويتر والانستجرام. يمكنك مراسلته وسؤاله عن أي شيء متعلق بالطعام، الصحة، النظام الغذائي (الرجيم) أو الرياضة. كل ما عليك هو عمل التالي:

في التويتر:  توجه له التغريدة وذلك بذكر اسمه
وإدارج الصورة، إن وجدت
ووضع الهاشتاق التالي
 #goninjagoninjago or #teamdietninja or #يبيلي_نينجا 
في الإنستجرام: نشر الصورة وذكر اسمه في الصورة
ووضع الهاشتاق التالي
 #goninjagoninjago or #teamdietninja or #يبيلي_نينجا 
Now, I still didn't clarify what is the purpose behind this post ! Well, as you can see I have named this post "The Diet Ninja Encyclopedia," meaning I will be updating the related posts with The Diet Ninja shared photos and comments on Instagram. Why I am doing this ? Because simply, I feel sorry for him. People keep on asking and repeating the same questions without going through his profile and searching for the answer. Well, I know it's also hard for them to go through all his photos (3300 +), and that's why I am going to work hard and gather all the necessary information you need here.

الهدف من هذا الموضوع هو أن يكون شامل وبمثابة موسوعة الدايت نينجا، بحيث يحتوي على جميع المعلومات والوصفات وكل ما يتم نشره من حساب "فهد اليحيى" الخاص وأيضا بمثابة مرجع لجميع من يسعى إلى معرفة المزيد والحفاظ على نظامه الغذائي.
كما أرجو أن يساهم هذا الموضوع بشكل أو بآخر بمساعدة فهد وجميع من يسعى إلى معرفة أو متابعة نصائحه

Of course, this post will be updated whenever there is a new photo shared by Fahad, or on a weekly basis. And you better follow him on Instagram because he is insanely funny, and will put a smile on your face :)
سيتم تحديث هذا الموضوع بشكل يومي أو اسبوعي.
كما أنصحكم بمتابعة دايت نينجا على الانستجرام، لانه لايمكن مغادرة حسابه بدون أن ترتسم الابتسامة على وجوهكم

After all, this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had ! I had the chance to learn so many things and know what to eat and what not to eat. But honestly, I have been tempted by the photos I have seen and had two chocolate blocks during this experience :-D So I don't recommend going through his old photos as you will be highly tempted by the cheat day meals :D

من أفضل التجارب التي خضتها، حيث ساعدتني على تعلم المزيد من المعلومات الصحية، ومعرفة ما هو صالح وغير صالح للأكل 

Thank you Fahad "The Diet Ninja" for sharing those valuable information with us on a daily basis !

شكرا فهد - دايت نينجا للمشاركة بهذه المعلومات القيمة يوميا :)

The Diet Ninja Encyclopedia - Part 7 (Exercises)

 This part is going to have only the exercise tips and methods shared by The Diet Ninja, and will be updated continuously.