Monday, May 20, 2013

Will you kill me please !

Sometimes you get stuck with people you can't even stand to look at. So what do you guys do ? What can you say or do in order to get yourself out of this situation !

My story begins whenever I am being busy working on something and concentrating, and you can say that I am fully concentrating on what I do when you see my face ! It's fully completely different "don't ask how :-p" So, whenever someone comes in to interrupt, my face suddenly becomes somehow like the below sketch, and gets stuck like this for a while :-D

But even though my face is like this and stays like this for more than 5 minutes "specially after being interrupted," surprisingly people are still standing there and talking to me while I am trying hard not to be distracted or lose my thoughts.

And seriously the major "Heart attack - JAL6AA" that could happen to me is when someone who talks non-stop comes to my office and start talking, telling the story of their entire day, starting from the time they woke up in the morning, until they stepped into my office ! Of course I am too shy to say stop or kick them out of my office, so I just keep shaking my head and saying yes, no, I have no idea, and my famous word "Wa Haaat !"

So tell me guys, have you ever been in that situation before ? If yes, what did you do to get yourself out of it ? And what kind of funny situations happened to you related to this subject ?

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