Sunday, May 5, 2013

Transform tool got stuck in illustrator ! Quick Tip

I always find it difficult to get an answer for anything when it comes to illustrator, Photoshop or any digital software. In fact, it is always difficult when it comes to finding the answers of your own questions! I am not sure if this is bad luck or bad karma lol :p

However, I know most of you might know how to do that since you have all became experts :D but this tip is for people who might actually need it :)

So let's say by mistake you have deactivated your transform tool "Bounding Box" in illustrator. Oops, what to do now? Don't worry I have been playing around and searching around on how to get your transform tool being active again.

This is how an inactive transform tool would look like. Whenever it's deactivated you will not be able to control transforming your photo the way you want.

And this is how an active transform tool would look like

The trick is to just go to View > Show Bounding Box or just simply press on Shift + Cntrl + B
Hope this might be useful to someone someday :)
Cheers !


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