Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Review] Drawsomething App 2

I know I have been away for a while, but it's only because I was not keeping well. However, today I am bringing to you one of the amazing apps "for art lovers, including me." 

As most of you know the very famous app "Drawsomething",which was released earlier last year and I have wrote the story behind its success here. Well, today Zynga created something new, more like a buzz to art lovers to remind us how cool this app is. This app is a new release from Zynga, currently available for iOS devices only, and soon to be released for Android as well "can't wait to try it on Galaxy Note 10.1." Moreover, Draw Something 2 is available as both free and paid downloads for iOS.

In this app and for the first time, players can save their drawings in their own gallery and like other drawings that can also be saved in their gallerias for later views. You have the option whether to keep your profile as public or private one. And it's more like instagram where you can follow people and be followed by others. Moreover, this game has a full spectrum of new tools and colors, allowing players to tap into the full limits of their creativity. Not to mention the new textures and patterns like zebra, plaid and camouflage; and new tools, like an 8bit pixel pen, sparkle pen, stamps, highlighter, crayon and more, with addition to more colors.

After downloading the app all you have to do is to launch it in order to enjoy the great experience.

And then, like the previous app you can connect either with your facebook profile or with your email.

In order to start a game, all you have to do is to go to the "pencil" icon in the middle and select the game you want to start. It's your choice to start this game by selecting a random one, or type in your friend's username. And the fun part, is that you can draw a free draw and simply add it to your gallery. Not to mention that you can hide or keep a drawing in your own gallery.

One great feature as well, there is a daily guess and a daily draw. The more you continuously play it, the more coins/stars you will get.

Your achievements that you get whenever you earn more coins, stars, buy tools or like drawings and reach higher levels.

Finally, you can edit your profile exactly like how you do in instagram.

I believe few things are missing, and they have to work on considering these two options in their next update. First, is to give us a chance to upload profile pictures from our phone gallery and not only from your game gallery. Second, is to add more colors and tools in the store. Third, is to create a website that can show galleries online such like instagram. And finally, is to add the tag option whenever you reply to the comments, so they can get notifications with your reply.

Overall, I say this game is awesome and way much better than drawsomething first app. And that you all have to try it out.

To download the paid app for iOS devices, click here
To download the free app for iOS devices, click here

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