Friday, May 3, 2013

Instagram update 3.5 brings photo tag !

Yesterday Instagram has released v 3.5 of their mobile app for iOS and Android, and along with that they have introduced a new feature to the service. Now, you will be able to tag your friends in your photos and see all the pictures you have been tagged with in your profile.

As you can see in the previous photo there is a new tab added into your profile for the photos you have been tagged with. When you select it, you will be able to see all of your photos. Photos of you will be currently available to you only. After May 16, all of your photos will be available to everyone who can see your profile.

This is how a photo you were tagged in would look like. And yes I am a Spinach Pie lover :D

In case if you were wondering how you can tag your friends, its easy. All you have to do is just to follow the normal steps of posting a new photo, and then before sharing just add as many people as you want.

Other than this, there are also some minor changes across the app. The new version get a reworked UI and darker color theme, new font for the instagram logo on top, the notification pop-ups within the app is different, blue highlights for the tabs when you have a pending notification, some reworked settings menu, and high-quality image processing option for uploading photos.

After all, this is such a great update as it has so many features but still missing some like tagging yourself on your friend's photos. Yet I guess this is a great features for stalkers, isn't ? :p

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