Saturday, May 11, 2013

For manga animators and anime lovers, this is your chance !

Yesterday in Instagram I have seen an add about manga animators required in Kuwait for a big project. I was super excited when I saw this ad, finally Kuwait is going to participate in something great which is going to be purely Arabic "Kuwaiti". 

I couldn't wait, and I have immediately contacted the person in charge, in order to get more information to share it with you. Now, this project is a Kuwaiti Anime series of 30 episodes mainly about football in Kuwait, and they want this to be like the Japanese anime version of Captain Tubasa (Majed), but with a different touch of our talented youth. Both professional and beginner animators are welcome to participate and submit their sketches.

If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Abdullah either by email, or by calling him on his mobile mentioned in the ad below.

Best of luck for all ! And I hope this project sees the light very soon :)

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