Monday, May 13, 2013

صباح الزمن الجميل وكرتون الطيبين

Yesterday I saw one photo of an old cartoon, and all the good memories started to hit me back. I couldn't stop thinking about it all day long, and I have started sketching old cartoons and inshallah will continue doing so. After I have sketched some cartoons I posted the same in my Instagram account with a title that says "do you remember me?". The point of this post is to remind all the 80's / 90's people with those precious memories :). So I will be updating this post whenever I am sketching an old cartoon for the fun sake :)

Here is what I have sketched so far.
This is the famous Calimero :D and luckily I had the time to vectorize my sketch :p

 And this is Mimi :)

The very adorable "Flona"

And the one and only, Captain Tsubasa "Majid" 

Stay tuned for more sketches ;)

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