Friday, April 5, 2013

Blog@Reader (RSS Aggregator) for Kuwait Blogs

Today I am bringing to you one of the most amazing useful apps/websites ever! I am sure you have all heard about Blog@Reader and have been a part of it on a daily basis, I know I am! One of the main reasons I am writing this post, is because I really enjoy using both the iPhone app and the website.

When I first knew about Blog@Reader in 2012 I wasn't actually blogging much, and was always confused of what or how to follow up with the bloggers and read their posts, so I ended up not reading any of the blog posts and reading newspapers instead "uhhh, I know!".

But before I go further, allow me to say it couldn't be more creative! Choosing the name was brilliant, it describes the whole concept by itself. "Hats off Fahad :)"

However, If you are a blog reader, you will for sure enjoy using the new application or stay up to date with all the new posts shared through the website. And as usual, I was troubling Fahad again with all my questions so I can write a full review about the main idea behind this app/website to share it with you "I am a freak when it comes to information, I have to collect as many information as I could in order to simplify it, and keep everything available in one place." So, in brief, we all want to know what is Blog@Reader? And how it might help us as blog readers?

Well, Blog@reader is an RSS aggregator for Kuwait's blogs; where it gathers all the information about the blogs you know plus the ones you haven't heard or read about before. Simply, its all in one concept. 

The brain behind this masterpiece is Fahad Alibrahim (@fahadalibrahim), the creator of ELSOOR game, owner of EZGRT website, and one of the major participants of Hyndai RunKuwait event! "Say mashallah :D"

It was created back in 2011 as an iOS app only. Believe it or not I still have that app in my phone :D It was called Blog@: Picks

I got curious and asked Fahad what is the story behind creating this RSS aggregator! And it turned out that he is actually a blog reader himself, he said and I quote: "I noticed how it was difficult to read my favorite blogs in my iPhone and iPad, so I created the first blog@ app."

The new Blog@reader for iOS devices looks like this. (PS: I have no idea how 6alabat app went under "Health" category, but I guess since it has food it makes sense keeping it there :p)

On the other hand, Blog@ app and website contains Kuwait blogs only, but you as a user and/or reader do have the ability to add as many blogs as you wish in your private blogs list.

This app is available for both iOS devices from here, and Android devices from here.
Also, you can follow the updates on Instagram by following @blogatreader, or simply follow their Twitter account @blogatreader. I really enjoy following them on Twitter, as I have the chance to get notified whenever there is a new post from different bloggers.

Last but not least, I would like to personally thank Fahad for this creation and for his time to answer all my annoying questions :p

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