Friday, April 26, 2013

Bloggati RSS Aggregator

Couple of days ago, or weeks can't really tell :p, I wrote a review about one of the RSS Aggregators here in Kuwait. And today I will be writing another review about a new RSS Aggregator in town called Bloggati.

This RSS Aggregator was created first in Kuwait in 2012, and to be honest I didn't hear anything about it earlier. Probably because I was not blogging much that time. But, however, I can see that this RSS aggregator is quiet active and includes different blogs from inside and outside Kuwait. It actually covers all Arab countries, not only that, it also categorizes blogs by specialty (i.e. if you want to read only about TECH just choose that option and you will get all related posts about TECH). When I was contacting the owner of this website I asked him about the story behind creating it! He said that he love reading blogs, and that he decided to create a platform which makes reading blogs such a joyful process, by keeping it interactive.

It's pretty amazing to have a website that can actually combine all cultures "bloggers" together in one place. And it makes it even easier to follow up with the bloggers and know what is new inside and outside your country. Now Bloggati can be very useful for three different categories, how?
  1. If a Blog Reader: It can help you choose your most favorite blog/category by adding the same to your reading list.
  2. If a Blogger: It helps you representing your posts to a larger number of readers inside and outside your country.
  3. If a Company: It helps companies, small projects, etc to communicate with bloggers in order to promote their business.
The only thing which I think they really need to work on is to have the Arabic/English option in their website. It is really important to have an English version of the website as it might help others and courage them to read it and be a part of it. Also, I have heard that there will be an iPhone/Android app very soon :D hope you will make that in English guys :)

If you are a Blog Reader, a Blogger or a Business man/woman, go ahead and register now in their website :)

Bloggati website address.
Bloggati on Facebook.
Bloggati on Instagram.
Bloggati on Twitter.

Will be updating this post as soon as they launch their app ;)
Best of luck !

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