Thursday, March 7, 2013

Udupi International Restaurant - Kuwait !

I am one of the people who will never try to eat anything I am unfamiliar with. Yes, I don't like trying new things and I stick to what I know. But thanks to my friends, and after so many years of pushing me into trying new things; I have finally started to try new things, but not everything specially if  related to "Sea Food".

However, yesterday I've been invited to have late lunch at Udupi restaurant located in Salmiya, near to Amman Street [check the directions on Google maps here].

The restaurant is purely vegetarian and serves Indian food. The place is small and cozy for quick and light meals (depends on what you have). But I couldn't take any photos because it was not planned, my camera was not available, and I guess we were hungry :-p

There are other branches of Udupi restaurant in Kuwait one of them is located in Fahaheel, I've read some reviews and they say its the best branch in Kuwait when it comes to interior and service.

Below are the photos I was able to take before we started eating everything up :D

First we had this dish, it's called "Uzhunnu vada with sambar and coconut chutney." And if you were planning to ask for translation, don't bother! Because I don't know what it means, I just know there is coconut :D

This dish was under "today's special", and I have no idea what was it called. But it was not bad, specially with that green chutney which was spicy.

And finally the amazing Indian coffee called "madras or filter coffee", which tastes incredibly delicious. 

Well, traditionally they have to keep pouring the coffee from the cup into this small bowl and vise verse. But I don't like to drink cold coffee, I like my coffee extremely hot :D So I immediately had my coffee and I love how they have made it with all this foam.

Will I go again and have lunch there someday ? Yes, but maybe next time I will try the Fahaheel Branch since it's looking at Al Kout Mall from one side and to the oil refineries from the other.

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