Monday, March 11, 2013

[Part 2] Samsung video teaser for Galaxy S4

If you all remember, I have posted a video of Samsung video teaser Part 1 here for the new Galaxy S4. The first video was showing Jeremy as the "secret messenger" of Samsung, and he was allowed to look inside a box that has Galaxy S4 inside, and runs home with it. At the end of the first video, Jeremy sits down at a desk in his room and the video ends with a teasing message "to be continued."

And today Samsung published their second video teaser for Galaxy S4, where Jeremy being pretty obsessed with his new box and at one point he says, "it's my favorite color," hinting that Galaxy S4 could be available in may different colors. My guess, the color theme would be gold maybe! But who knows how many colors Galaxy S4 will adopt ! And like the first video teaser, this one ends with the same teasing message "to be continued."

You can watch the video teaser part 2 below

March 14 is pretty close, only 3 days away! But will Samsung release another video teaser during these 3 days? Who knows !

Well, this time Samsung is playing roughly. I like the effort they adopt for promoting their new device Galaxy S4. They knew how to grab our attention! Well done Samsung, can't wait to see the new device!

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