Saturday, March 16, 2013

ilulz new logo, which one to go with ?

I was stuck at home today, and I have decided finally to do my logo "ilulz logo"
I ended up making 10 different colors of the same logo, and I have no idea which one to go with. So, will highly appreciate your opinion :D

Sample No. 1

Sample No. 2

Sample No. 3

Sample No. 4 (No gradient effect on the blue color)

Sample No. 5

Sample No. 6

Sample No. 7 (No gradient effect on the red color)

Sample No. 8

Sample No. 9

Sample No. 10

So my friends which one I should go with :-D


  1. Oh boy, so now I will go again with "which one I should pick" lol
    Thank you :D but I guess I will go with No. 6