Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Holy smokes Batman appears in Bradford, UK !

A man dressed as Batman handed over a wanted man at a Bradford police station on February, 2013. The wanted man was charged with handling stolen goods and some fraud offenses.

The funny thing is that, the policemen were not able to recognize the identity of the man dressed as Batman, and they were not even sure if he is a friend of the criminal or not. But the investigations have lead the police to the store where this man have bought his costume from. The woman in the store was able to identify the identity of this 20 year-old man, as he bought his costume a couple of days before this incident. And she is probably the only one who knows his name as he paid using his credit card. Surprisingly, she prefers to keep his identity as a secret "which I totally respect".

You can watch the below video

It seems that Batman exists in real life after all ! 
For more details, read the full article published on BBC News website here


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    1. Hahaha yeah he is one of his kind !
      I need superman to show up in Kuwait so he can carry my car all the way to work, specially in the morning :p