Sunday, March 10, 2013

Funny Story about fixing iPhone 5 broken glass in Kuwait !

For all of you who are following me on Instagram or Twitter, I am sure you already know that my iPhone 5 front glass got broken just recently. Well, I didn't break it intentionally or because I wanted to, it fell down accidentally on the sand "YES THE SAND" and got broken like this.

First it was looking like this. 

And it got worse like this.

And finally, it was officially out / dead / useless / oh dear my poor lil phone, I miss you -_-

However, I have went personally to iCity in Shuwaikh (and I was so proud of myself for reaching there without getting lost - ahm thanks to google maps of course (",) ) and I marched in with a big confident carrying this big smile ":-D" on my face and showed the staff my phone saying: "Hello, could you please help me repairing this iPhone !" He smiled back at me and said: "Of course, but it's going to cost you." And I was like yea yea whatever dude just fix it, I want to use it :D 

So I said: "Yeah, so how much will it cost?" - And all I had in mind was like KD 30/- or something.

Then he said: "No, it's actually KD 95/-", and suddenly I don't know how my face changed into this.

Yeap, exactly no explanation for that expression and no words to say either! But I have carried myself out with what is left from dignity smiling and waving goodbye ! After I reached my car, I immediately called another number where they actually come to your place and change the glass in front of you, so I thought it might be cheaper. But he said it will coast KD 90/- "will KD 5/- cheaper, whats the point!"

And again I checked with Michel Chinese Workshop (considering them the best in the market), and they gave me almost the same price KD 100/-.

The prices were high because iPhone 5 is still new, and it is expected to go down after minimum 4 months to KD 70/- or KD 65/-. I really don't believe it's worth being fixed, because if I add more money I can easily buy a new phone and that's it. 

What's my decision ? hmmmm, will see what will happen in part 2. 
Do you think I will give up ? Of course not, not until I get something new to keep me away from this matter :D

All those prices are available in Kuwait, and if you need the contact details please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a nice Day !


  1. Just put a good cover & use Sensitive Touch feature until the prices falls down :P

    1. Lol seriously !
      And then what? Wait until all the glass get stuck inside my hand! No Thank You :p
      Wait for Part 2 to know what I am going to do ;)