Sunday, March 24, 2013

ELSOOR Game, such a brilliant game !

Since I was lazy enough to check my mailbox folders, I have missed the opportunity to try Elsoor game before officially being released. I was very upset because I've missed it, but then Fahad (the mastermind behind this amazing game) was kind enough to send me my own package :D So, I consider this as another amazing Birthday gift (Lucky Me).

After I have seen the actual cards, I was really impressed with the graphics. It's very simple and nice, need a little bit of improvement tho, like high quality printing (but overall, I LOVE IT). The first impression/flash-back I got was monopoly, card games and UNO. And since I love them all, I couldn't wait to try it out :)


"I am so in love with this soldier, Yu2bshni :p"

However, ELSOOR game is totally different than any other cards game or monopoly game. It is a strategic/war game where you will need to defend yourself and attack others. It's all about protecting your Soor from collapsing or being stolen by other players. The instructions manual that comes along with the game is a bit hard to understand. I tried to play the game alone, but it's not really fun to play it alone :D Well, I only have 3 nieces which can barely talk, so I don't think they can understand me when I say "it's your turn" :p


The game box contains the following:

1. The Troops (Soldiers)
Where you can choose one of the following moves:
- Deploy one troop card to one of your soors.
- Move troops from one soor to another.
- Attach your opponent soor.
2. ELSOOR (Walls)
Is what actually you need to protect or steel from others.
3. Action Cards.
That are really handy when it comes to attacking others.

Since I am planning to make a play group, I can't really explain more about this game; because I need to try it out and understand it better. So you better wait for a second post about ELSOOR Game Strategy. Meanwhile, you can check ELSOOR website here for more details about this game. Also, you can order your own cards from the same website.

And, you can follow them on twitter and Instagram @elsoorgame to stay in touch and be posted about any updates pertaining this game.

It's a MUST TRY people !

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