Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elissa Kim Kardashian Style !

Today I reached home late and I was looking at the TV and saw one video clip of Elissa called "As3ad Wa7da" and I was really shocked of the way she looked like ! I know there is something different in her face but I really can't tell what is it. Is it her cheeks, her lips, her eyebrows or she just gained weight! Really no idea.

Or was she just copying Kim Kardashian look ! If yes, then I am sorry to tell you Elissa, but you have done an awful job ! You used to look much better & this style is really not urs :/

This is Elissa Kim Kardashian style

And this is original Kim Kardashian style 

Not to mention that the video clip idea was really silly and I have no idea how you have agreed on doing it :/
Watch the video below

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