Sunday, March 3, 2013

Confusion: Are you sure February is only 28 Days !

Yes, Yes, what you have read up there was correct ! I am asking if you were sure February is only 28 Days ! Why ? Because it's been quiet a long month. Mostly filled with things you'd rather to avoid or not to hear about ! Although last month was only 28 days and filled with holidays and so, but it has been one of the longest months I've ever had ! I was looking forward for my first day in March "since it's my favorite month," but I honestly don't remember what I've done on that day, well except for sitting on the PC for hours trying to figure out what is the difference between HTML and CSS "btw I am clueless :-p" and solving the comment issue in my blog.

After all life is sweet, isn't :-D

Well, What have you done in your first day in March ? And don't you agree that February was quiet a long month or what ?


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