Thursday, February 28, 2013

Air Show for Kuwait National Day on February 26

So, on February 26 I decided to go out for a picnic with my friends near to the sea side and we had really a good time. After we all left I went again to the sea side with my nieces near to Marina so they can play around and participate in the celebration, luckily I was holding my camera with me :-D. Because suddenly and out of no where, 7 airplanes were flying on top of our heads featuring Kuwait Flag and other amazing moves / shapes up in the sky.

However, everybody enjoyed the minute and people were coming out of no where taking photos and recording videos of the show. So here is my first attempt of taking photos of such a show :-D

PS: be honest and tell me if the photos are good or not :-p

At the first move, I couldn't catch it all till the end. I was able to take this photo only

 And then they have started roaming around doing amazing shapes in the sky.

And then they flew far away to create this amazing shape.

And I really liked this guy, he is crazy and was doing dangerous yet great moves :-D

And here is a close look of this plane.

Take a look of this amazing move <3

This is a close shot of the airplanes, it was looking amazing.

And finally, they have displayed Kuwait flag all over the shore in a remarkable move.

Finally, I couldn't resist but taking those photos of the sunset :D

I found the below video of the air show on youtube. It's not showing the full moves they have done, but it's good :D 

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