Thursday, February 28, 2013

Air Show for Kuwait National Day on February 26

So, on February 26 I decided to go out for a picnic with my friends near to the sea side and we had really a good time. After we all left I went again to the sea side with my nieces near to Marina so they can play around and participate in the celebration, luckily I was holding my camera with me :-D. Because suddenly and out of no where, 7 airplanes were flying on top of our heads featuring Kuwait Flag and other amazing moves / shapes up in the sky.

However, everybody enjoyed the minute and people were coming out of no where taking photos and recording videos of the show. So here is my first attempt of taking photos of such a show :-D

PS: be honest and tell me if the photos are good or not :-p

At the first move, I couldn't catch it all till the end. I was able to take this photo only

 And then they have started roaming around doing amazing shapes in the sky.

And then they flew far away to create this amazing shape.

And I really liked this guy, he is crazy and was doing dangerous yet great moves :-D

And here is a close look of this plane.

Take a look of this amazing move <3

This is a close shot of the airplanes, it was looking amazing.

And finally, they have displayed Kuwait flag all over the shore in a remarkable move.

Finally, I couldn't resist but taking those photos of the sunset :D

I found the below video of the air show on youtube. It's not showing the full moves they have done, but it's good :D 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence "Hunger Games" hero falls down in Oscars, and actually shines !

We might all recognize this young actress when we hear the word "Hunger Games", where this movie was directed by Gary Ross in 2012, based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins. Its stars Jennifer Lawrence, Joh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks and Donald Sutherland.

Jennifer Lawrence was awarded for her performance in Silver Playbook as the "Best Actress" at the Oscars Show on February 25, 2013. She was wearing a remarkable dress designed by the very famous Christian Dior. And she actually tripped while taking the stage to claim her award, and somehow managed to cover her fall with a complete grace and prestige.


Everybody from the audience stood up and start clapping for her showing respect and support. "You guys are just standing because I fell," Lawrence said. And she was so embarrassed of what happened to her during the show.

I would say don't worry Lawerence, you were still looking amazing even after you tripped and fell down. And it's not only me who is saying so, check out the below images and you will know what I am talking about :-D !

Monday, February 25, 2013

Zain Kuwait National Day Celebrations - 360 Mall

Yesterday Zain as usual blows all the minds away by it's innovative ideas & creativity !
In celebration of Kuwait's 2013 National and Liberation days, Zain surprises the visitors of 360 Mall with this amazing show, which reflect the most important events we have all witnessed side by side.

Keep surprising us Zain :-)

An old man celebrates Kuwait Liberation & National Day in Mubarakiya !

How great and awesome when you see old people happy and in a good mood ! Specially like this old man, who was singing and celebrating Kuwait Liberation & National Day in Muabarakiya in his own way !

God Bless Kuwait !

Google celebtrates Kuwait National Day

Google has changed its logo in the very famous search engine page with a doodle, as a participation in celebrating Kuwait's Liberation and National Day !  The doodle represents Kuwait flag painted on Google logo, and Kuwait Liberation Tower replacing the letter "L"; with a background of fireworks as an image of how Kuwait is celebrating !

Happy Liberation & National Day Kuwait ! May Allah keep you blessed.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date

As many of us heard that Galaxy S4 might be a big hit to Samsung company, as it's going to have so many great features such as the new camera feature called the Samsung Orb. Which will work in a way similar to the Photo Sphere that was integrated in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Samsung Orb will allow you to capture 360-degree photos that will give you an almost 3D viewing experience. 

On the other hand, Samsung might work side to side with Facebook in order to allow users to upload their panorama pictures on Facebook directly, like how they do with normal photos.

Rumors said that Galaxy S4 might be functioning with a full HD 5-inch display, touchless interactions with the screen and a 13 MP camera. In addition, Samsung is thinking of adding a new 5G Wi-Fi combo chip, which might allow users to connect through Wi-Fi with higher speed almost comparable to Ethernet.

As for the release date, it is said that March 14 will be the day Samsung is planning to launch their Galaxy S4. Nothing is confirmed yet, but it's soon and we shall wait to see !

The features sounds great so far "technical wise", but what about the look ? I hope this time Samsung would design a good looking phone, better then the previous generations !

Update your calendars and wait for the big day !

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facebook Get Hacked on February 2013 !

Just two weeks after Twitter announced that it was hacked, Facebook revealed that it was hacked in what it called "a sophisticated attack!".

'We have no evidence,' the company stated on a blog post announcing the incident, 'that Facebook user data was compromised in this attach." No user data was leaked, but several employee laptops were infected with malware designed to allow access to the hackers. The hackers were able to leak this malware onto the computers of several Facebook engineers when they visited a hacked mobile developer site. Facebook quickly quarantined and scrubbed the devices, and was able to detect the attach early from the beginning and kill it. 

This time nothing happened, but next time who knows what will happen ! Attackers are getting more and more sophisticated, powerful and well equipped. The companies or corporates they are targeting are equipped as well. But after all, if you wish to keep something private, maybe its time for you to know that the Internet is not the safest place to do so.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aramex Shop and Ship new mailbox in Dubai !

Once again Aramex is surprising us this year ! First with their new shopping website shop and ship Extrat (you can check the details here) and now with the new addition of a new mailbox in AE (Dubai).

The other day, I was checking my mailbox on the website and I have come to notice that we have a new mailbox ! Honestly, I was surprised & happy to know that now we have a new mailbox address in Dubai, but I was also wondering at the same time: "Will Aramex reduce the shipping cost, or we will end up paying charges exceeding the original item price ?"

Thank you Aramex, and please consider reducing the charges a little bit :-D

Friday, February 1, 2013

ilulz new look !

Finally I am done editing and messing around with HTML codes, I have changed so many things with this ready template and finally came up with this piece :D
Hopefully someday I will be able to create my own template "after I decide to be an HTML freak, which might be very soon ;p"

This is how the ilulz new look will be like, I am open for all comments and suggestions.
And will be waiting for your feedback ;)