Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shop and Ship Extra - A new Amazon website !

I have just received an email from Aramex SnS introducing the new Shop and Ship Extra ! I was surprised to know that Shop and Ship Extra is a new website, more like a service, for us "the mailbox users" where it gives us access to 1,000's of products sourced internationally, under one site. This is more like Amazon, except that I am not sure whether their prices are reasonable or not ! Who knows, this website might be a big hit in the Middle East ! I haven't gone through the website yet, but I can see that it has unusual and unexpected products on sale "like how we expect everything to be on Amazon, even the tissue box !" - Well I have a thing for the tissue boxes so don't judge me :-p

However, this website, and as they say can instantly allow you to find and compare different kinds of products under many categories, such as apparel, electronics, entertainment, fashion & accessories, furniture, sporting goods, auto parts and more. And the main idea behind this website is to connect site visitors to merchants of all types, such as Overstock, Amazon, PC World and Play.com to smaller and local suppliers located in the UK and the US (but not yet in China).

For more details, please visit their website here
Let's hope that this service will convince Aramex to cut down their prices and have more reasonable ones >.>

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