Sunday, October 21, 2012

My recent sketches

Hello my friends :)
Hope you are all doing well, it's a beautiful day with fresh air and Humidity spreading around the area O.o. I know it is annoying, but just be positive, specially you girls. You will all get a free hair style "curly hair" ha ha :p

Anyways, here I am posting my recent sketches for better view (it's not very clear on instagram I know). Although you can all see my photos on flickr "links on the right side of the page"
Your reviews will be highly appreciated :)

Work Outfit - This sketch was craeted when I was having the day off "Sick Leave" - Yeah I know, sleeping or sketching in an off day !!!

Hello Jeans !

Purple Mood !

Blue Marine !
 Dirty Jeans !

And this is my first time ever trying to sketch a car, as per request :)

Dragon Lady - This sketch was created yesterday night, and today I just found that my horoscope is "dragon" in Chinese Astrology  :-D What a coincidence :p

Fall colors 

Moment of Sadness mixed with Silence !

White Jeans ! I call her Kira !

Thanks & Enjoy !

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